South Solway Wildfowlers Association
South Solway Wildfowlers Association

The South Solway Wildfowlers Association is a BASC affiliated wildfowling club based on the English Side of the Solway Firth.

The Solway is a large estuary on the west coast of Britain and forms part of the boundary between England and Scotland, Cumbria and Dumfries & Galloway. It is one of the least-industrialised and most natural large estuaries in Europe. It contains the third-largest area of continuous mud and sand flats in the UK. These occur within a natural estuary system substantially unaffected by human activities, such as industrial development and dredging. It is a Designated Special Area of Conservation and was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as far back as 1964. The sand banks provide winter resting places for 10's of thousands of over wintering wildfowl and waders whilst the intertidal areas provide the feeding ground for seabirds.

Morning FlightThe South Solway Wildfowlers Association (SSWA) controls the wildfowling on a large area of the English side of the Solway Firth including all the intertidal sands which are declared as a no shooting and sanctuary zone to afford protection to winter wildfowl and waders. SSWA marshes start at Skinburness near Silloth and extend right the way round to Rockliffe near Carlisle with over 30 miles of foreshore taking in marshes such Skinburness , Calvo, Border, Brownrigg, Salt Coates, Newton, Cardurnock, Burgh and Rockliffe.

Membership is open to those who are interested in the objects of the SSWA and who reside in the old County of Cumberland. At the discretion of the Committee persons from outside our boundaries may be admitted as Associate Members. The SSWA also makes available a limited number of temporary visitors permits.

The objects of the SSWA include safeguarding the interests if it's members, supporting and defending the rights and privileges we enjoy, fostering public interest in wildfowl ornithology and natural fauna, supporting protection of such fauna, fostering and encouraging a spirit of friendship amongst members and suppressing poaching. Wildfowling in the UK is the regulated hunting, on the foreshore, of certain species of wildfowl for food and sport.

Wildfowling is governed by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Protection of Birds Act 1954 and this statute sets out quarry species, their close seasons and methods by which they can be taken. In addition to statute the SSWA adheres to the BASC Wildfowling Code of Conduct and we also have strict rules regarding the conduct of our members and these are monitored and implemented by our Marsh Wardens and the Committee to ensure the best management of our sport, habitat and wildlife.


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